Other Publications

Scholarly Articles

She’s A Country Girl All Right
Article published in Journal of Popular Music Studies about Rhiannon Giddens’ powerful reclamation of country music as Black.

There’s No Home for You Here
Article published in Popular Music and Society about Jack White’s White Stripes-era visual disruption of the white bluesman’s conventional autobiographical narrative.

Creative Non-fiction

Johnny Rotten, My Mom, and Me
Short memoir published in Longreads about how Kimberly Mack and her deceased mother used rock music to bond and cope with trauma inside and outside of their 1970s Brooklyn, NY home.

A Stranger in a Strange Land
Creative non-fiction essay published in Hot Press about Kimberly Mack’s experiences with race and racism in Dublin, Ireland during her summer 1989 college semester abroad, and a return trip 14 years later.

Music Journalism

Resistance Revival Chorus Profile
Profile published in No Depression.

30 Seconds to Mars Q&A
Q & A published in Music Connection with Jared Leto about 30 Seconds to Mars’ 2009 release, This Is War.

Dead Weather Q&A
Q & A published in Music Connection with Jack White about his new band the Dead Weather and their 2009 debut, Horehound.